Dance into 2021 like #LovecraftCountry star #MichaelKWilliams! [Vid]

Michael K. Williams maybe known for his gritty, generation-defining role as Omar from “The Wire,” and most recently for his compelling and nuanced portrayal of Montrose on HBO’s “Lovecraft Country,” but did you know he could JAM like this!?

Check out Mike getting his LIFE to some house music in the park!

Williams, the youngest of ten children, started his career as a dancer, touring with global icons like Madonna and George Michael. He also choreographed—and performed—the moves for Crystal Waters’ 1994 hit “100% Pure Love.”

“All I wanted to be was a dancer. I didn’t really have any thoughts on being an actor when I first got into the arts.”

Williams, who has openly discussed his turbulent youth, said that being sliced in the face with a razor blade changed his career—and his life—when Tupac Shakur specifically asked for him to play his brother in the film Bullet. It would be Williams’ first movie role.

“I think he saw my pain, my struggle, my heart,” Williams told NPR. “I was starstruck. I was like, ‘Wow, this is Tupac Shakur.’ “

Aren’t we thankful Williams decided to dabble into DRAMA!

We SALUTE you Michael K. Williams!

Dance into 2021 like Williams
channeling the ancestors and the House music gods as he dances his soul to what feels like healing to “Celebration” by Djeff Afrozila Feat. Ade Alafia (Manoo’s Aitf Remix).

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