#TheGamutt WELCOMES 2021! #HAPPYNEWYEAR!! [details]


The Gamutt would like to bring in the new year with a BANG! BYE 2020 we won’t miss ya!
Welcome a new day, a new start, 2021 here we go!

WE THANK ALL of you for continuing to FOLLOW US DAILY! 2020 was probably our most trying so far!

We’ve been through more CHANGES than ever before: more lawsuits, cease & desist, social media blocks and more ups and downs, but as long as you ROCK WITH US, we will rock with you and bringing you all the ENTERTAINMENT NEWS, gossip, tv shows, comedy and more of what you guys WANT!


I just want to THANK ALL of the FOLLOWERS that have been there with us from the beginning until now. The new year is a CLEAN SLATE. A NEW CHAPTER and NEW AVENUES to EXPLORE and if you STICK WITH US, we will continue to move forward in bringing you MORE. EXPECT some new and different OFFERINGS from us and MORE of the ENTERTAINMENT NEWS, COMEDY, TV SHOWS, REVIEWS, and ALL THINGS POP CULTURE! AGAIN, we thank you for a GREAT 2020 despite the many pitfalls as we look forward to an even BETTER 2021!!



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