VIBES from the VAULT: #HappyBirthday #DrMartinLutherKingJr: #StevieWonder ‘Happy Birthday’ with will I am[LIVE]


“Happy Birthday” is a 1981 single written, produced and performed by Stevie Wonder for the Motown label. Wonder, a social activist, was one of the main figures in the campaign to have the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. become a national holiday, and created this single to make the cause known. Besides being released as a single, the song also appears on Wonder’s album Hotter Than July.
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WAKE UP JAM: #Plies ‘Shawty’ feat. #TPain [vid]


Plies just recently posted a video of him BURYING his ICONIC gold teeth! Is there a NEW ERA of Plies coming?? Acting? Commentating? He said to STAY TUNED– But until then… Let’s go back to the GOLDEN ERA of HIP HOP with ‘Shawty’ featuring T-Pain!!

#TheGamutt #AfterDark: #LHHH #B2K’s #LilFizz Peen! [NSFW]

The ladies in ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ star Fizz have been TALKING about him for many seasons, and now you can see what they have been TALKING about. Air Fizzo’s PEEN has made the round on the NET again!

Take a LOOK! NSFW!

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HOT SHOT of the DAY: #Rihanna being RiRi! [Pic]

Do we NEED a reason other than IT’S Rihanna, to post about her!

She did resolve for the New Year to RESOLVE to ‘put pressure’ on the game. She is doing JUST THAT in this HOT SHOT of the DAY!

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#AvaDuvernay’s #QueenSugar RENEWED for season 6 ahead of season 5 DEBUT! [vid]

queenSugar-thegamuttFans of the hit OWN show ‘Queen Sugar’ produced by Ava Duvernay has been RENEWED for season 6 ahead of the HOTLY-ANTICIPATED 5th season!!!

Ahead of its season 5 premiere next month, Ava DuVernay’s Queen Sugar has been renewed for season 6 at OWN. Continue reading #AvaDuvernay’s #QueenSugar RENEWED for season 6 ahead of season 5 DEBUT! [vid]

#ThirstTrap: A pregnant #SummerWalker TWERKING to #MegTheeStallion’s ‘Cry Baby’! [vid]

Summer Walker maybe ‘SOCIALLY AWKWARD’, but she KNOWS how to make an ALLURING social media post! Check the ‘Playing Games’ singer TWERKING those perky PREGNANT cheeks to Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Cry Baby’!!
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#MaryJBlige THANKS her fans for the B-Day LOVE in GLORIOUS new IG Post! [pic]

The don’t CALL her the ‘Queen of Hip Hop Soul’ for NOTHING! Mary J. Blige just turned 50 and looks PHYNE as WINE! The ‘Real Love’ singer is a VISION of ‘SELF LOVE’ in a new photo she recently posted thanking her LEGION of FANS for the OUTPOURING of LOVE and admiration on her BIRTHDAY!
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#Rihanna is RED HOT in new #SavagexFenty #Valentine’s roll-out! [pics]

Rihanna is SMOKING RED HOT in her new ROLL-OUT for Savage x Fenty’s VALENTINE’S Day line!!

WAKE UP JAM: #BobbyBrown ‘Feelin Inside’ [vid]


Bobby Brown was HOLDING IT DOWN for R&B in his HEYDEY… solo and with New Edition! This is an UNDERRATED JAM of his that just POPPED INTO MIND!

‘Feelin Inside’ and a Whitney intro and CAMEO!! How could this NOT be a BOP!!!!?

Internet star #RollingRay in HOSPITAL with SEVERE burns after his WIG caught on fire! [vid]

Internet sensation, Rolling Ray is in need of PRAYER at this time. Ray, famous from MTV’s ‘Catfish: TROLLS’ is in the HOSPITAL after his HAIRPIECE caught FIRE!!!

We are not sure HOW it happened, but Ray went LIVE from his HOSPITAL BED to let his fans know his condition!

#ThirstTrap: #Drake wants to be your #CertifiedLoverBoy! [pic]

Drake is DEFINITELY campaigning to be your MCM everyday and of course your ‘Certified Lover Boy’! The ‘In My Feelings’ rapper posted another THIRST TRAP pic as he STARES at his fans LONGINGLY being as ‘LIGHT SKINNED’ as he can be! Continue reading #ThirstTrap: #Drake wants to be your #CertifiedLoverBoy! [pic]

#Monica and @Naijagoddess WON #EricaBanks’ #BussItChallenge! [vids]

EricaBanks-buss-it-challenge-thegamuttNew artist Erica Banks’ DEBUT single ‘Buss It’ has INSPIRED a TIKTOK challenge that has TAKEN OVER social media! If you don’t know by now, it’s a CHALLENGE where an ‘EVERYDAY’ person, quickly TRANSFORMS into a SEX GODDESS (or GOD) while DROPPING it low. Continue reading #Monica and @Naijagoddess WON #EricaBanks’ #BussItChallenge! [vids]