Iconic dancer #AdolfoQuinones BKA #ShabbaDoo has PASSED away! #SheliaE REACTS! [details]

shabba-doo-death-theGamuttSAD NEWS TO REPORT….
The ICONIC dancer/actor Adolfo Quiñones, best know as Shabbadoo from ‘Breakin’ fame has passed away. He was only 65 years old! The cause of death is UNKNOWN…

Singer and actress Toni Basil, who cofounded the Lockers dance troupe alongside Quiñones in 1971, shared the news via Twitter.

Quiñones’ final Instagram post on Tuesday gives insight into a recent medical struggle, confirming he was feeling better and had tested negative for COVID-19. A week prior, he shared via social media that his doctor ordered him to quarantine for 10 days after three negative tests.

Legendary musician and friend to Shabbadoo reacted to his sudden passing:

Quiñones was born in Chicago in 1955 and would go on to become a breakdancing legend and one of the innovators behind the dance style known as locking. His career began as an original member of the Soul Train Gang on the hit dance series created by Don Cornelius, before he set his sights on bigger opportunities.
Prior to venturing into film, he choreographed and appeared in Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long” music video. His most famous movie role was the character of Ozone in the underground classic Breakin’, one he reprised in the film’s sequel Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. He also appeared in other big-screen titles including Lambada, Tango & Cash, and Xanadu.

In June, the influential dancer was one of a handful of cast members from those movies to reunite and look back on the legacy of the cult classics that have long been loved by audiences, although not so much by critics.

“I didn’t particularly care for Breakin’ 2,” Quiñones said at the virtual event staged by Yahoo Entertainment (watch below). He explained that he felt the story was “going more toward a cartoony point of view.” He also hinted that a third film was in the works. “I’ve been in negotiations with people who can help make the movie,” he said, outlining the basic premise: “In today’s world, the king of street dancing should be a woman, first of all. … We hope to not recapture what we did before, but do something much greater.”

Quinones will be missed… but his legacy will LIVE on in the name of DANCE!


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