#RHOA NEWS: #PorshaWilliams recounts almost being FIRED from the FRANCHISE![details]

It’s hard to imagine the RHOA landscape without STAND-OUT star Porsha Williams in it, right? But the reality star, tv host turned ACTIVIST was on the CHOPPING BLOCK after her first season on the hit Bravo show!

Going into her 1st reunion of the show…Porsha’s future on the shkw was dim!

Porsha then elaborated on why she felt like she might get fired: “When I was sitting on that couch [at the reunion], and I had asked my ex[-husband Kordell Stewart] to come to the reunion, and he didn’t come, I was like ‘Lord, this is big.'”

Andy then confirmed that she was, in fact, “on the bubble at that reunion,” but that “you saved yourself. You became Porsha Luther King, and you started preaching. Yes, you did, you sang ‘Amazing Grace.'”

Porsha laughed, “I literally was doing everything.”

Andy previously opened up about how that Season 5 reunion shifted things for Porsha’s RHOA future during an episode of WWHL earlier this year.

“Going into her first reunion, there was a dialogue about whether she was going to be picked up for a second season. And she was so great at that first reunion— she had just broken up [with] Kordell, that marriage had just fizzled — and she started preaching at that reunion, and I think all the producers saw a side of her that we didn’t know existed,” Andy said. “I left that reunion like, ‘Oh my god, I am so sold on her.’”

At BravoCon in 2019, Porsha opened up about how hard that first season was for her and how it left her in tears. “I had never seen or knew how I would come off to the public, and so I was very critical of myself,” she said (more on that in the video above). “And it wasn’t until over the years, I started just letting the cameras see who I really was.”

Now 9 years after joining the franchise, Porsha Williams LEADS the all-star cast into season 13 and the FANS couldn’t be happier!


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