What’s BEEF? #CupcakKe & #Sukihana are ‘FIGHTING’ on WAX and SOCIAL MEDIA! [audio]

cupCakke-Sukihana-TheGamuttThe GIRLS are ‘FIGHTING’!

Well at least metaphorically for now. Rapper CupcakKe and internet sensation, turned REALITY star, turned ‘rapper’ Sukihana are TRADING BARS and INSULTS on SOCIAL MEDIA!
Earlier this week, CupcakKe released her remix to ‘How To Rob’. In the BRAGADOCCIOUS track, CakKe MENTIONED Suki BRIEFLY. This OBVIOUSLY upset the ‘LHHMIA’ stand-out star, so she SHOT BACK!
‘Rob Who B*TCH’ was her RETORT:

Ok… We hear you Suki….
Okay.. CupCakKe wasted no TIME in FIRING BACK!
‘The Gag Is’ was CupcakKe’s RESPONSE:

NOW…. I don’t KNOW about YOU, but ONE of these FEMALES came back HARDER than the other….

Some SAY CupcakKe HIT below the BELT bringing up Suki’s CHILDREN? But she has an explanation for that:

RAP WARS are about the DISS TRACK, right?

Good PR for BOTH never HURT anybody…it PUSHES the OTHER to think outside of the BOX….


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