#ThirstTrap #SistasonBET’s #ChicoNwokocha has your ATTENTION! [pics]

“Sistas” star Chico Nwokocha wants your attention! Nwokocha plays ‘Gary Marshall Borders’ on the hit BET drama.

‘Gary’ is handsome, sexy, and smooth as silk. He is a very successful, wealthy CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Although married with kids, he longs to be with Andi (played by KJ Smith). He is driven, charismatic, and self-aware. Gary knows how to manipulate and can move in any circle he chooses.


Chido grew up in Sacramento, California. He attended Ohio University on a football scholarship, where he played wide receiver. After college, he played professionally for the San Jose Sabercats of the Arena Football League. When a knee injury cut his football career short, he became passionate about pursuing acting.

Check Chido out EVERY WEDNESDAY on ‘Sistas’ on BET or on-DEMAND!



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