WATCH: #PutARingOnIt season 1 eps 5-6 [full]

putAring-own-TheGamuttWill Packer’s newest unscripted relationship series Put A Ring on It follows three longtime couples, with help from master relationship coach Dr. Nicole LaBeach, who embark on the ultimate 9-week relationship test.


Ep 5 ‘Family Matters’
Dr. Nicole challenges the couples to explore the repercussions of family dynamics. As Ashley entertains a new date to Hollywood’s chagrin, Tamika asks her parents to accept Vince. Che and Michael come to an impasse over his son moving in.


[480×270, 41:18]

Ep 6 ‘Feeding the Flames’
Dr. Nicole sends EVERYONE out on dates. Tensions rise as Michael ventures out on a romantic third date with Whitney. While Vince clicks with a new connection, Ashley skates into uncharted waters, and Hollywood learns that it’s not always about the booty.

paroie6 (02)

[480×270, 41:17]

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