Twitter Wars: #CardiB slams #WizKhalifa for pitting her against #NickiMinaj in shady #Grammy tweet! [Details]

The Grammy nods just went out and every year this brings out the best and the worst in social media.

There is a ‘war’ going on and rap heavy weights are involved.

Cardi, Wiz Khalifa, Nicki…. The fanbases….a big mess.

Let me try to explain…

Well Wiz Khalifa ‘LIKED’ a shady tweet that downplayed Cardi’s Grammy win to try to uplift Nicki’s lack thereof.

Cardi responds of course:


Cardi makes a valid point…why does the industry ALWAYS try to pit the top two female rappers against each other?

We’ve seen this ‘play’ different cast before?

Foxy vs Kim? That didn’t end well at all..

And of course Cardi & Nicki’s ravenous fan bases had to chime in…..


Why can’t we get along!?

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