WATCH: #PutARingOnIt season 1 eps 3-4 [full]

putAring-own-TheGamuttWill Packer’s newest unscripted relationship series Put A Ring on It follows three longtime couples, with help from master relationship coach Dr. Nicole LaBeach, who embark on the ultimate 9-week relationship test.


Ep 3 ‘Letting Go’
A new couple joins the group and is quickly thrown into the fray when they learn that everyone is going on dates with other people this week. Che meets a new date who makes her question her relationship, and Hollywood and Ashley are at a crossroads.

Ep 4 ‘Open To The Process’
Relationships continue to be tested as dating continues. With Tamika upset back at home, Vince attempts to enjoy his very first date. Hollywood plays around on his date, but it’s Michael who is caught off guard as a major temptation knocks on his door.

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