Unreleased #Andre3000 verse CUT from #Nas’ ‘Cops Shot The Kid’ [vid]

Can you believe Kanye West LEFT a verse from Andre3000 on the cutting room floor!
On Nas”Cops Shot the Kid’–produced by West’ there was supposed to be a verse from Andre, but Kanye axed it!

maxresdefault (1)In a video posted former G.O.O.D. Music COO Che Pope. We see Pope playing what seems to be an unreleased verse from Andre 3000. The instrumental is from the track “Cops Shot the Kid,” from Nasir, Nas‘ 2018 album produced by Kanye West.

Take a listen:

The track riffs on a line about police brutality from Slick Rick’s “Children’s Story,” and Andre sticks to the theme. “Bump killing cops,” he raps, “what if we kill cop kids? Make that nigga adopt a baby because we got his. Make that nigga a dot, on his head and pop it. Maybe they just forgot, refreshing game of pop quiz. Make a movie about cop kids in small boxes.” Then the video posted on Twitter goes out.

Why did the verse get cut? Some speculate because the verse was incomplete. Others speculated that Kanye’s ego may have played a part in the cut. Some think Yeezy wanted to do his own verse and could not come up with something suiting for the song in the time limit.

Nas spoke about wanting more time and more input in the process.

“We really did that album that week it was supposed to come out,” he said. “It just went crazy once we announced we were doing the album. I definitely wanted to work with him a lot more than we did. It’s a short album, we just didn’t get enough time. I wish we worked on it more, but certain things happen for reasons.”

The album peaked at number five on the Billboard charts, but it seems the project was far from complete upon its release and fans and critics alike voiced similar sentiments.


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