#SwizzBeatz hints at #Outkast & #ATribeCalledQuest stepping into the #Verzuz ring! [Vid]

Verzuz….the cultural phenomenon that took over PANDEMIC social media is gearing up for a FIRE season 2! Confirmed for the first bout of season 2 are trap heavy weights T.I. and Jeezy are up 1st and we are all geeked at that!

But some other HIP HOP royalty maybe stepping up to bat next!

Swizz Beatz recently TEASED an Outkast, Tribe Called Quest Verzuz!

It maybe some ‘generational gap’ with this one, but the HITS & THE STORIES would be EPIC!

For all those citing other likely ‘opponents’…I hear you. But at this point I think Verzuz is geared in bringing GREAT acts together and to add on to the super IMPRESSIVE match-ups they have had so far! I mean they had Patti & Gladys ‘turning up’, so how can you top these two?

Who wouldn’t want to see Outkast TOGETHER with Tribe!?

I’m here for it! Let’s hope it comes to pass!


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