#PoseFX season 3 BACK in PRODUCTION with another TIME JUMP! [Details]

Fans of the hit FX series ‘Pose’ can let out a collective sigh of relief.

The break-out hit show is BACK in PRODUCTION for season 3!

Safe & socially distanced… Season 3 is BACK filming and we got some details on what to expect!

Fans of the FX series created by Steven Canals, Ryan Murphy, and Brad Falchuk will no doubt remember that Season 2 jumped ahead to 1990 — three years after the events of the Season 1 finale, when Elektra (Dominique Jackson) helped Blanca (Mj Rodriguez) snatch the coveted Mother of the Year trophy at a ball. When the celebrated series returns for Season 3, it shall jump again, this time to smack dab in the mid-90s. TV Guide recently caught up with Canals via phone, and tried to get Canals to spill as much tea as possible on the highly-anticipated third at-bat.

Thematically it’s much of the same — our heroes navigating New York and this time it’s New York of 1994,” Canals revealed. “One big thing is Blanca finds love. A large part of Blanca’s arc for the season is the push and pull of being both a partner and a mom. How do you balance all these multiple roles? Blanca has always been so devoted and focused on her children…She’s finally focusing on her herself and going for her goals in a way we’re really never seen for her. We’ll be exploring the ripple effects [of that choice]. How does that then impact her children?” Jeremy Pope, who’s in the running for a Best Actor in a Limited Series or Movie Emmy for his work on Hollywood, will play Blanca’s love interest, Christopher.

So how does Covid-19 play into the new season?

Of course, COVID not only halted production but required the creative team — which includes writer/director Janet Mock and writer Our Lady J — to rethink how they shot scenes, which in turn affected storylines. Noting that the whole team’s primary concern is the health and safety of the crew, Canals said the writing team was “pretty far along in the season” when the pandemic shut down production, so they’ve had to go back and change things. “How are we going to do the balls? Do we wait and shoot the balls later in our production cycle when hopefully the restrictions have loosened up some? A lot of it is a question mark and we’re having to figure it out as we go.” [TVGuide]

No word on when the season will debut…possibly SPRING 2021!


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