#BigSean talks about his ‘beef’ with #KendrickLamar! [Vid]

Big Sean is still HIGH off of the release of his project ‘Detroit 2’,which has been well received I might add. On 1 song, Sean adresses his ‘beef’ with Kendrick Lamar! He sat down with ‘Sway in the Morning’ to break down their riff.

On the song “Deep Reverence,” which features Nipsey Hussle and was released the week prior to the album, Sean addresses the status of his relationship with Kendrick Lamar, who many believed he had problems with.

In his lyrics, he explains that there were never any real issues there to begin with and, in a new interview with Sway In The Morning, he goes further in-depth, tackling the reason people thought there was beef.

Revealing that he was on a plane with TDE’s Punch, Sean says that the record executive informed him that he should probably reach out to Kendrick because he had people in his ear spreading possible misinformation about their relationship. After his conversation with Punch, Sean tried to text Kendrick but, according to him, he had the wrong number and never got through.

“I never went any further than that,” says Sean to Sway. “I just left it there. So I had been wanting to [address it publicly]. When I reached out to him, the mutual respect me and him have for each other is that of like kings and brothers. We respect each other to the fullest.”

He went on to touch on why people thought they were feuding in the first place.

“The situation was, he thought that people around him were telling him something, people around me were telling me something, and it just really wasn’t the case,” explains Sean. “So, when we were able to talk, it was a good reconciliation and it was a good mutual respect. And even when he heard ‘Deep Reverence,’ he hit me and was like ‘Yo, I appreciate you showing me that love. I appreciate that love for me in the verse. You and Nip went crazy.'”

He goes on to blame the internet for blowing the Kendrick situation out of proportion, stating that people on his team always thought it was “nothing.”

Listen to the interview BELOW!

So in essence, there was NO beef…..


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