#TamarBraxton’s BF #David Adefeso says singer PUNCHED him while he was DRIVING! [VID]

david-adefeso-TheGamuttWe reported that Tamar Braxton’s ESTRANGED boyfriend took out a restraining order against her after a DOMESTIC situation.  Now David Adefeso is SPEAKING out!

David is ALLEGING that the ‘Love & War’ singer ATTACKED him; punched him in the neck while he was driving! 

So here is where I have ISSUE with this VIDEO. David CLAIMS the singer did these things to him. He SPEAKS PUBLICLY about it. He tells all these ALLGED DETAILS of attacks, but then says he can not speak further because POLICE are involved. Why go PUBLIC? If the authorities are handling it, LET THEM handle it. There is no need to go to the BLOGS for interviews. I am not discounting his alleged abuse, but somethings should be HANDLED out of the SPOTLIGHT. .

At any rate, Braxton has yet to speak on the alleged allegations or any of the RUMORS that have been SWIRLING since her POSSIBLE suicide attempt.


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