#AndyCohen posts shirtless pics of #AndersonCooper! [Pics]

Andy Cohen posted some shirtless pics of his good friend, Anderson Cooper! Cooper is not THRILLED by the release of his personal pics!

Cohen later posted an Instagram story saying Anderson wasn’t happy with him:

“Anderson is so pissed at me, you guys. But listen, I’m just sitting here, bored under a blanket. I’m just sitting here under a blanket. There’s no one over there. All that’s here is Ben’s little drum set. Ben is sleeping, and I’m bored.”He continued, “So, what else am I supposed to do? Maybe I’ll do an Instagram Live later, I don’t know. I got Ben and Housewives cuts to watch.That’s what’s happening here… And maybe I’ll post more shirtless pictures of Anderson.”

At the end of the day.. the two are pals so it’s all good!