#NiecyNash comes out! Weds #JessicaBetts! [DETAILS]

Who knew?

It appears that Niecy Nash is a part of the LGBTQ community!

Actress and comedian Niecy Nash surprised fans Monday posting a photo of her wedding. The star is known for her appearances on shows like Claws, Scream Queens, and Reno 911!.

“Mrs. Carol Denise Betts,” Nash wrote to Twitter. Though she’s known popularly as Niecy Nash, the actress’s legal name is Carol Denise. She was previously married to Jay Tucker and Don Nash.

In the photo, Nash appears in a wedding gown, having clearly just been wed to Jessica Betts, who also appears in the photo. Betts is a musician. The two had not publicly been known as a couple prior to the post.

The pair have posted about one another prior. While on the set of Claws, a queer inclusive TNT series Nash led, the pair posted a photo where Nash referred to Betts as her “homegirl.” The singer also played the role of Nadege in the series for at least one episode.

Either way, homegirl or wife, we love to see it…

Congrats to the couple!


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