Why the #BLACKPANTHER franchise must continue after the passing of #ChadwickBoseman! ![details]

The WORLD is still reeling from the tragic passing of film great Chadwick Boseman.

Boseman brought to life so many ICONIC characters from Jackie Robinson to James Brown. One of the most EPIC characters he brought to life all while privately battling colon cancer was ‘Black Panther’.

While some are calling for the Marvel character to not be recast, there are countless reasons why the legacy must go on. This character inspired countless to dream again. Children of color saw someone that looked like them on the big screen and gave them the ambition to STRIVE for MORE. We too can be SUPER HEROES! We too can be the pillars of strength when so many images of US are negative. THE CHARACTER must live on.

Commentator and activist Roland Martin said all the words that I was thinking on why the ‘Black Panther’ franchise must LIVE ON!!

A lot of folks are saying that Disney should not recast the title role of #BlackPanther in light of the death of @chadwickboseman. I fundamentally disagree. If you actually watched the movie, when King T’Challa’s father died, HE became king and became #BlackPanther.

Also keep in mind that @chadwickboseman had to fight anyone who challenged him in order to remain #BlackPanther. So while we are all shocked and saddened that he will not reprise the role due to his death, there should be another artist to rise up assume the role.

Richard Roundtree embodies the character Shaft. But he was happy to pass that mantle on to @SamuelLJackson. Multiple characters have played Batman, Superman and Spiderman. If the #BlackPanther character is retired, then we rob future generations of this super hero.

Lastly, @chadwickboseman made clear that HE was not T’Challa and #BlackPanther. He said so to me in a text message in April. He embodied the spirit of the character, and I’m confident he would not want to see it end with him becoming an ancestor.


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