Orange County voted for #KobeBryantDay in August! [Details]

Kobe Bryant day is coming!

ABC News reports that as of yesterday, Orange County officials have voted to declare August 24th as Kobe Bryant Day — it should be noted that the date was selected due to Bryant’s iconic numbers eight and twenty-four. Orange County Board Chairwoman Michelle Steel spoke about the decision to memorialize Bryant, naming him a “treasured member of our community [who] inspired so many men and women to pursue their dreams and never give up.”

During a speech reflecting on the decision, Donald P. Wagner –supervisor of the third district– acknowledged the complexities of Bryant’s legacy, ultimately concluding that the imperfections made him uniquely human. “Kobe Bryant’s life, like each one of us who ever lived, presents moments to celebrate and to condemn,” he stated. “Kobe, like all of us, faced challenges, challenges of his own making and challenges thrown at him by life, that he overcome. Today, we celebrate the effort in overcoming those challenges.”

With the vote having officially passed, look for the first-ever Kobe Bryant Day to occur in a few weeks from today. Largely ceremonial in nature, expect the day to focus on Kobe’s many accomplishments, as a basketball player, Oscar-winning filmmaker, investor, and family man. Rest in peace to Kobe Bryant and all those who lost their lives in the Calabasas helicopter crash.

Mamba Forever….

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