#ArethaFranklin biopic ‘Respect’ PUSHED BACK to #MLKDay 2021! [Details]

Hurry up and wait seems to be the motto of 2020….COVID-19 has reaked HAVOC on all aspects of life! The film business has been hit hard as well with many productions having to grind to a halt and releases being shelved or prematurely ended.

The Aretha Franklin biopic barely avoided the shutdown…completing filming last summer. Now to get more bang for the buck, the film’s release has been pushed back…..again!

It was slated for release in October, then Christmas, now it has been put on hold until 2021!

Deadline reports that after Jennifer Hudson’s performance of “Young, Gifted & Black” and the release of the minute-long trailer for ‘Respect’ became two of the biggest highlights of the BET Awards, the movie studios behind the film are now planning a wide release Jan. 15, Martin Luther King Day.

The new plan to wait until the holiday weekend shows the studios have more confidence the film will excel at the box office. As of March, the film was going to open to a limited release this Christmas and start opening wider Jan. 8 until the film would be fully released Jan. 15.


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