🎶 LISTEN: #TaylorSwift ‘Folklore’ [album stream]

Taylor Swift surprises with a NEW album!

‘Folklore’ is Swift’s 8th studio album and follows 2019’s Lover. Swift had previously explained in announcing the album that she wrote and recorded it in isolation, and worked with some “musical heroes” of hers, including The National’s Aaron Dessner, Bon Iver (who is featured on “exile”) and her longtime collaborator and friend Jack Antonoff.

Swift said: “Most of the things I had planned this summer didn’t end up happening, but there is something I hadn’t planned on that DID happen.” She wrote and recorded the music in isolation, collaborating with “some musical heroes” remotely.

Swift’s new album features 16 new songs, plus one bonus track on the deluxe editions, including lead single “cardigan.”

Taylor told iHeartRadio in a statement of “cardigan” and the meaning behind the track, “This is a song that’s about long lost love, and looking back on it, and how special it made you feel, all the good things it made you feel, all the pain that it made you feel. And, the line about feeling like you were an old cardigan under someone’s bed, but someone put you on and made you feel like you were their favorite.”


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