#NeneLeakes speaks out about mistreatment at #RHOA and her UNCERTAIN return! [Vid]

Nene Leakes is ready to speak her truth!

Taking to Instagram Live on Saturday, July 18, NeNe Leakes said she’s ready “to speak out and speak her truth” while exposing that she’s been mistreated by someone she claims “has been wronging me for so many years.”

Who could possibly have ‘wronged’ her since the inception of the show besides the executive producer, Andy Cohen? Thoughts?

“Sometimes when you’re in certain situations you don’t have a choice,” the “RHOA” star said. “If I told you the person that was wronging me for so many years your mouth would be on the floor.”

Leakes told her followers, “I have remained quiet. I haven’t said anything on it but it’s coming. I will be speaking. I have the right people to speak. Wait for it.” When a fan commented, “Without you on the “Housewives there will be no reason to watch,” NeNe Leakes responded with a playful pause before saying, “moving on.” Take a listen!

This should be good, but who would want to mistreat their ‘cash cow’ and why? The guessing game begins….



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