#DanielMaples from #Costco mask outburst has been FIRED! [Vid]

Daniel Maples the man from Costco who was the subject of the mask outburst has been FIRED!

LET’S REVISIT the shenanigans!

Since the outburst, he was terminated!

Maples was asked to wear a mask by an elderly woman when he went ballistic!

“We’re six feet away from you,” the man recording him says as Maples, unhappy with the camera on his wife and child, replies: “You’re harassing me and my family.”

“I feel threatened!” he then roars, suddenly advancing aggressively. “Back up! Threaten me again!”

The 17-second clip does not show what lead up to the incident, or the aftermath; it was shared by Florida-based documentary maker Billy Corben, racking up more than 8.2million views in just 19 hours.

He said the incident occurred on June 27, pointing out what many online had already noticed, his “Running the World Since 1776” t-shirt.

Corben said one of the customers Maples was arguing with told him: “To give Costco the credit, they escorted him out and made me wait inside and monitored him until he left and then they send someone with me to the care to make sure I’m okay.”


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