Teen ARRESTED for assault an unsuspecting #Marta passenger! [Vid]

Earlier this week a brutal attack was captured on a MARTA train a quickly made the rounds on social media.

A teen goes up behind an unsuspecting elderly passenger and knocks them in the head!

In the short clip, several other teens are heard in the background saying “where we at” and “we at Ashby.” The teen is then seen slapping the seated passenger in the head.

MARTA Police say the incident took place June 22 and that the juvenile suspect was arrested. The agency adds that the victim did not know his attacker.

The video is hard to watch!

The teen has been ARRESTED thanks to MARTA police.

“I would like to thank the public for sharing this video with us,” said MARTA Police Chief M. Scott Kreher. “The level of callousness displayed in this video is shocking and this type of behavior will absolutely not be tolerated on MARTA.”

The 14-year old suspect is charged with battery and will appear before the Fulton County Juvenile Court.


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