#GaryChambers calls out #BatonRouge school board member #ConnieBernard! [Vid]

Gary had time that day!

In a video that has gone viral, a white school board member in Baton Rouge gets scolded by a Black activist who is fed up with her defending a high school being named after General Robert E. Lee — and apparently shopping online during a recent board meeting.

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I told Connie Bernard to her face she needed to resign from the East Baton Rouge School board. • She was shopping while citizens were speaking about changing the name of Lee High. She was a school board member 4 years ago when they voted to keep Lee associated with the school. Then she chocked a teenager in his home in 2018, she should’ve resigned then. Then she got on TV last week telling Black folks we needed to learn more of Lee’s history. • When we don’t confront elected officials we give them permission to disrespect us and to devalue us. Connie needs to resign. I stand on that. If you think her actions are unacceptable send an email to the members of the board encouraging Connie to resign. • Speak truth to power, stand on your convictions, let NONE of them slide, and #KeepPushing. We got work to do. • I love US for real. We won the vote to change the name of Lee High, but the work continues until Connie is gone. • Email the board: dtatman@ebrschools.org, cbernard@ebrschools.org, mgaudet@ebrschools.org, jdyason@ebrschools.org, ewarejackson@ebrschools.org, dcollins1@ebrschools.org, thoward4@ebrschools.org, dlanus@ebrschools.org, mbellue@ebrschools.org.

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Connie Bernard, a member of the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board, had to apologize on Friday for defending the Confederate solider after getting called out by activist Gary Chambers.

Swearing to be part of the solution, Bernard essentially apologized for being a racist after she defended and voted in the past to uphold Lee’s namesake.

On Thursday, a unanimous vote got passed to change the name of Robert E. Lee High School, which got shortened to Lee High after a similar backlash in 2016.


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