Rapper #HurricaneChris jailed & CHARGED with 2nd degree MURDER! [Details]

Rapper Hurricane Chris is in a LOT of hot water!

The Louisiana rapper known for songs “A Bay Bay” and “Halle Berry,” was reportedly arrested and is in jail for second-degree murder, according to reports.

According to TMZ, officials with the Shreveport Police Department said the 31-year-old rapper, whose real name is Christopher Dooley, shot and killed a man early Friday at a gas station.

KTBS reported that early reports from police indicated a man at the gas station, likely Dooley, shot at a man in self-defense, thinking he was trying to steal his vehicle.

According to a news release from police, surveillance footage “showed that Dooley did not act in self-defense,” and the vehicle had been reported as stolen from Texas.

“Subject opened fire upon the victim striking him several times,” the probable cause statement from the Shreveport Police Department read. “Subject was found to be in illegal possession of stolen things.”

The victim, who has not been identified, was taken to Ochsner LSU Health hospital, where he was later pronounced dead, the local outlet reported.

In addition to facing a second-degree murder charge, Dooley faces a felony charge of illegal possession of stolen things.

Dooley is being held without bond at the Shreveport City Jail, The Associated Press reported.

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