MAG TAG: #People exclusive! #TylerPerry speaks from the HEART about racial injustice! [Vid]

Media mogul, activist Tyler Perry is SPEAKING from the HEART about racial injustice in light of the recent civil unrest in America and beyond.

When Tyler Perry was asked by PEOPLE to write an essay about hope and his vision for the future of America, he took an uncharacteristic pause. “I initially said no, and that was strange for me because I’m a man of faith and I believe greatly in hope,” Perry says.

“My reluctance wasn’t because I didn’t think it was important, and certainly not that I’m not outraged at the murder of George Floyd and so many others.”

“It was simply because I was exhausted,” the star explains in what would ultimately become a deeply personal and powerful first-person essay for this week’s cover story.

“I’m exhausted from all the hate and the division, the vitriol that I see online from one to another. I’m exhausted from seeing these kinds of senseless murders play out over and over again with no changes in our society.”

In the end, Perry, 50, a big-hearted humanitarian with an unending track record of helping those less advantaged, shared his pain, his thoughts for his 5-year-old son and his hope for a nation seeking change.

Check the VIDEO here!

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