#JusticeForKJ: A rally to REOPEN investigation in #KendrickJohnson murder case! [Vid]

Organizers are pushing to REOPEN a possible MURDER case from 2013 in Valdosta, Georgia of Kendrick Johnson. For those not familiar with the case, let’s revisit.

Kendrick Johnson was a 17 year old high school student at Lowndes County High School in Valdosta, GA.

The intial report back in 2013 said that Johnson was reaching for his sneaker that he dropped in a rolled up mat. He got stuck in the mat while he was trying to retrieve his shoe and suffocated to death. Basically, it was a tragic accident and there was no foul play in relation to his death.

After video of the ‘accident’ surfaced,Johnson’s body was exumed to find all of his organs had been removed. His body was stuffed with newspapers from his skull to his pelvis.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said that Johnson still had all of his organs when they moved him to the coronoers office for a 2nd autopsy, per request of his parents and attorney.

The family hired there own hired their own coroner after the exhumation, private medical examiner, Dr. William R. Anderson, to conduct a second autopsy.

Anderson’s four-page autopsy report, released in August 2013, showed that Johnson died from a blow to the right side of his neck that appeared to be “non-accidental.”

The Johnson family’s attorney sent the autopsy’s findings to the U.S. attorney for Georgia’s middle district, the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department as well as local authorities.

State investigators told the Johnsons at the time that they stand by their investigation and would not reopen the case.

In light of the unrest and outcry of recent senseless MURDERS of unarmed black men, there is an increased urgency for JUSTICE.

There is a movement to try to get the investigation reopened in Georgia and you can get involved. There is a rally in Centennial Olympic park.

Let’s help this family get the closure they need for Kendrick.


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