#InsecureHBO’s #NatashaRothwell details how she wrote the serie’s most ROMANTIC episode to date!

The ARC was completed. Natasha Rothwell writer for ‘Insecure’ and ‘Kelli’ on the show delivers us the episode most fans have been waiting for…the ‘reunion’ of Issa & Lawrence.Rothwell details how the most ROMANTIC episode to date came to be.

“Lowkey Happy” covers a lot of shaky ground: his depression, her infidelity, how much they’ve grown while apart and what they want for the future.

Yet their honest conversations never feel hurried, since they’re what fans have been waiting to hear for years. At a fraught moment in the world of “Insecure” — because of Issa and Molly’s fractured friendship — and a traumatic one for many in the real world, amid fury and unrest in response to the systemic dehumanization of black people, the HBO comedy offered a brief, beautiful reprieve by celebrating black love and humanity.

“It’s so nice to finally talk to someone outside the writers room about this episode, which has been under lock and key,” said the episode’s writer and “Insecure” producer Natasha Rothwell, who also plays Kelli in the series. Ahead of Sunday’s airing, The Times got granular with Rothwell about writing the sparse but strong dialogue, embarrassing Issa with a former flame and setting the stage for a potential endgame.

Get the full RUNDOWN HERE!


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