#LeBronJames #AvaDuvernay #Pink & more SLAM social media ‘public figures’ exploiting PROTEST for CONTENT! [Video]

LeBron James, P!nk and other celebs are calling out FAKE protesters and social media public figures for using the George Floyd PROTESTS for CONTENT. It seems some are using the movement for their own benefit– clout chasers as they are being called.

While citizens aided in the rebuilding effort after the protests,one woman took the opportunity to get content for her social media platforms. She can be seen faking the use of a power tool on storefront plywood as if she was helping to get a photo then she left.

“This lady stopped someone boarding up a store in Santa Monica so she could hold the drill for a picture, then drove away,” one witness said of the scene. “Please don’t do this.”

Another woman posed in front of a store that had been ransacked just hours earlier … with a witness there saying, “This girl is making her boyfriend take a picture of her in front of a smashed T-Mobile. Oh my God!”

Lebron James, Ava Duvernay and more sounded out.

P!nk chimed in…

“What is wrong with these entitled a**holes?!” the “What About Us” singer said. “Who the f*ck are you and who are your parents you horrible person. How can anyone defend this???!!!”



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