#911 actor #RyanGuzman DEFENDS using the ‘n-word’! [Vid]

This is probably the absolute WORSE time for ‘911’ actor Ryan Guzman to ATTEMPT to defend the use of the ‘N-word’.

His comments came as he defended his fiancee for using the N-word in resurfaced tweets from her teen years.


Costar Rockmond Dunbar reposted Stark’s tweet, adding, “As a black man this should go without saying but just to make sure people in the back understand when I say this with my whole chest: I don’t condone the shit. I don’t like the shit. And I’ve never been one to allow the word to be used around me by any non-black person and any alleged ‘black people’ that are co-signing their non-black friends to refer to them in that way need their entire asses checked. Too much history, too much pain. Past and present. Shit is utterly unacceptable.”



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