Activist/Rapper #KillerMike offers a POWERFUL speech in light of the #AtlantaProtests & #GeorgeFloyd MURDER! [Vid]

When Activist, Scholar, actor, rapper Killer Mike was coerced to speak, I’m almost certain CNN was hoping he would corral the ‘troops’ and URGE us all to go home. Stop the LOOTING, stop the destruction, and go home. He did that….and so much more.

He asked for a call to order..a charge to the powers that be to STOP, THINK and LISTEN. Rebellion comes out of oppression. Rebellion comes out of frustration. Rebellion comes out of systemic, blatant RACISM that we see, endure and cultivate EVERY DAY.

Killer Mike nee’ Michael Render said, “It is your duty to not burn down your own house down for anger with an enemy.” Truth. If you burn down your home, where do rest to regroup, reenergize and to strategize to fight for justice again. We have to fight again and again and again until our cries are heard. Listen to his moving, passionate and empowering words:

Wake up people….all people.

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