#HillHarper misgendering #ZayaWade on her BIRTHDAY post is PROBLEMATIC on so many levels! [DETAILS]

Gabrielle Union wrote the SWEETEST, most encouraging Birthday post for her and Dwyane Wade’s daughter on her birthday. A GROWN, ADULT MALE who many held in high regard took time to come from his platform to hers to MISGENDER her daughter….on her birthday…then attempted to plug his book.

How insensitive and low can a person sink!?

This is PROBLEMATIC on so many levels…. And people on social media around the world are not pleased.

1. This is a CHILD.

2. Harper is an adult.

3. Harper is a scholar

4. Harper was held in high regard.

5. Harper, we thought you were. better than this.

Twitter chimed in LOUD!

Hill Harper is the last person we thought would be this TOXIC….

Hill….you need to apologize for this one.

You went out of your way to AGGRESSIVELY out of line….you could have stayed in your lane if you did not like what you saw….


Fix it, please….


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