#Forbes STRIPS #KylieJenner of billionaire title, SLAMS her for LYING & forgery! [Details]

Looks like Kylie Jenner isn’t that ‘SELF MADE’ billionaire Forbes tauted her to be after all!

Forbes have accused the family of creating a ‘web of lies’ and say Kylie, 22, has inflated the size of her business and success.

The publication accuses her of ‘lying about company figures and forging tax returns’ to reach the billionaire status.These shock claims come a year and a month after Forbes themselves put Kylie on the cover and hailed her the youngest self-made billionaire ever two years running.Forbes claim that filings released by publicly traded Coty over the past six months reveal Kylie’s business is significantly smaller than people have been led to believe.

Cheat Sheet:

*Kylie sold 51 per cent of her Kylie Cosmetics to beauty giant Coty in a deal valued at $1.2 billion in January

*Forbes now think that Kylie, even after pocketing an estimated $340 million after tax from the sale, has a personal fortune at just under $900 million

*In 2019, Forbes declared Kylie had unseated Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, then 35, as the youngest-ever self-made billionaire

*People were up in arms that Kylie came from an already privileged background and so she shouldn’t be called a ‘self-made billionaire’

*The publication also placed her on the cover of their 2018 publication under the headline: ‘America’s Women Billionaires’

*Jenner, who is the youngest and richest of the entire Kardashian-Jenner family, started her make up line in 2015 by selling $29 lipstick kits.

I guess Forbes needs a better FACT CHECKER!?


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