#CancelJoeCunningham- #Wraps2go owner sparks CONTROVERSY with RACIST remarks about #GeorgeFloyd! [Details]

It seems as if business owner Joe Cunningham had some RACIST thoughts to express about thd George Floyd murder and African-Americans in general!

Cunningham owns the vehicle wrap business, Wraps2Go, and he made inflammatory comments on Facebook. Not only did he have choice words about the George Floyd situation, but about the black community, as a whole. He said black people deserve knees to the neck, calling them “thieves” and “trash of the world.” And ‘loosers’…spelling isn’t his strong suit.




If you need your vehicle wrapped PEOPLE….you may need to take OUR business ELSEWHERE!


2 thoughts on “#CancelJoeCunningham- #Wraps2go owner sparks CONTROVERSY with RACIST remarks about #GeorgeFloyd! [Details]”

  1. Very sad that someone would make this remake in a time of distress, grief of the family and confusion as a nation. I am saddened that he took this position of an owner, father and a human. My comment has Nothing to do with color but human dignity.. #GOD’s love for our nation and human race.


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