Actor #DenzelWashington acts as BARRIER between unarmed black man & police in now VIRAL video! [Vid]

Acclaimed actor Denzel Washington needs to be recognized for his astute character as a man and a citizen.

Denzel Washington came to the aid of a man in West Hollywood last week after he spotted the individual in a distressed state while surrounded by several police officers, according to a video that has since gone viral on social media.

In the video, the “Malcolm X” actor can be seen comforting the man, with Washington placing his hand on the man’s shoulder and standing by him throughout the interaction with police.

Washington appears to act as a mediator throughout, talking to both the officers on the scene and the man as he lingers by the wall. Washington and the officers all wore face masks.

Toward the end of the video, the man — who is wearing a blue sweatshirt– is shown being placed in handcuffs. Washington remained with him throughout the entire incident.

The encounter with law enforcement, which appears to have taken place on May 21, came only days before George Floyd’s death while he was in police custody in Minneapolis.

Floyd, who was accused of writing a bad check, was killed on Monday after an officer placed his knee on Floyd’s neck for a prolonged period of time during an arrest.

Look closely.

This is how police encounters should go. DESCALATE with a calm resolve.

Encounters with unarmed black men does not have to end in fatality.

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