Rumor Patrol: #KandiBurruss says NO season 13 CAST letters have been sent yet! No PEACH for #Yovanna! [Vid]

Rumors are so easily SPREAD…

Shortly after the season 12 REUNION of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’, the rumor mill was BUZZING about who got picked up for season 13 and who didn’t. reported that after the ‘popularity’ of ‘SNAKEGATE’ Yovanna was offered a 🍑! After TMZ reported this alleged exclusive, other outlets like and others ran with it too. As of NOW….this is simply a RUMOR and here are the receipts!

I did not take the bait at all. First and foremost, TMZ’s ‘EXCLUSIVE’ had too many holes…. ‘Sources close to the cast’…that could be anybody. And usually pick-up letters don’t go out THAT SOON after the reunion AND why would they want to ‘piggyback’ off of season 12 with a stale story for season 13 as TMZ alleged. Now TMZ is A VERY NOTED media outlet…far bigger than my little gig here, but when it comes to ‘URBAN’ stories….they don’t generally put TOO MUCH effort in finding out if these things are true….they are a tiny BLIP on their radar if it is not MAINSTREAM mainstream……so you know how that goes…

Kandi spoke to and explicitly said, NO PICK-UP LETTERS have been sent out yet.

And the ‘Authority’ on all things HOUSEWIVES related, spoke on the RUMORS and ATLien and founder of StraightfromtheA found the rumors LAUGHABLE!

SO….NOBODY has been picked up yet!

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