#Khia continues her attack on Trina! [Vid]

Rapper Khia seems to continue her attack on Trina.

If you recall… Trina shot down all hopes of a Trina vs Khia VERZUZ because she alluded to the fact that Khia wasn’t on her level. [Revisit that HERE]

Khia is still salty….clearly by her latest rant:

For more….the show is on YouTube…I believe.

People, fans, etc do take humor in Khia’s pontifications.

But they are just that…rants. Trina has surpassed Khia in SO MANY ways, worked with the best and IS STILL making moves in the industry…while Khia sits…in that wood paneled room and ‘READS’ any and everybody in the industry that has surpassed her ‘success’.

Seems like an obsession…


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