#JimmyFallon APOLOGIZES for #SNL #Blackface Skit from 2000! [VID]

Twenty years later, a blackface SNL skit has come back to HAUNT Jimmy Fallon. The ‘Saturday Night Live’ alum was portraying his friend Chris Rock in full blackface…allbeit an almost spot on impression, the fact remains it was done with dark make-up.

The ‘Tonight’ show host is no apologizing for the 2000 clip.

Let’s remember, Megyn Kelly got FIRED in 2018 from NBC, the home of ‘The Tonight Show’, for talk of blackface. So it remains to be seen what will be done about this issue..if anything.

My guess is that NBC will not be NEARLY as critical to Jimmy as they were to Megyn…for one he is a WHITE MAN, and two he is a cash cow for NBC and he is overall very LIKABLE….SO…


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