#QParker & #DaronJones of #112 will NOT take part in #Verzuz Battle! [Details]

This may put a damper on your Memorial Day Verzuz plans, but founding members Daron Jones & Q Parker of the iconic group 112 will NOT take part in the upcoming battle slated for Monday!

The group is currently embroiled in a heated legal battle so currently their are 2 separate ‘112’ groups doing shows which is the crux of the legal dispute.

Word from the curb is that Daron & Q had been doing shows together under the ‘112’ name and that has angered Slim who apparently owns the rights to the ‘112’ brand.

Slim & Mike Keith have been busy performing with 2 new members.

Yesterday,Daron & Q issued statements on Instagram to their fans as to why they will NOT be a part of Verzuz:

Daron posted nearly the same message on his page as well.

So 1/2 of the real VOICES in the group will not be there kinda messes up the mix, don’t you think? The show can go on since they are playing recorded music. But the stories behind the songs won’t hit the same.

We shall see….


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