Fans are worried about #RyanSeacrest after he STRUGGLED on-camera on #Idol Finale! [Vid]

Fans are worried about American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest after last night’s finale. They are hoping he did not have a STROKE!

Toward the end of Idol’s season 18 finale (the 3rd season on ABC), Ryan began to have a noticeably tougher time reading off his prompts. What’s more, viewers noticed that his right eye suddenly appeared to be slightly swollen as he wrapped up the competition show.

Ryan’s behavior instantly prompted fans to ask if he was feeling all right. “Did anyone notice Ryan Seacrest eye was almost closed near the end of Idol? His seemed off and he slurred his words a bit,” one fan asked on Twitter. “Okay what is going on with Ryan Seacrest? Something seems so off,” another wondered. “Ryan, are you ok? Everyone is worried,” a different fan tweeted.

No word on his condition, but this morning though, Ryan’s Live with Kelly and Ryan co-star Kelly Ripa did announce that the American Idol host was taking the morning off after being up late. As a result, her husband, Mark Consuelos, filled in as a guest co-host for Monday’s show.

Let’s hope he is ok.
Seacrest is a workhorse, he executive produces many shows including ‘The Kardashian’s and spin-offs, double duty on ‘Live’ and ‘Idol’ along with other projects…and the stress of the pandemic can take it’s toll. Ryan maybe fatigued. Let’s pray he will be fine.

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