#IssaRae explains where her character & ‘Molly’ go now after the FALLOUT! [DETAILS]

Fans are still weighing in on the big BLOCK PARTY fall-out between ‘Insecure’ stars ‘Molly’ & ‘Issa’. The two besties had been moving in opposite directions all season and their dissonance has been rising for some time now and it all came to a head at the most inopportune time. So now after the HUGE fallout…where do the two go from here? Creator and star Issa Rae breaks down just where the two are going from here!

Rae spoke with Variety and this is what she had to say:

“They are friends, they are real-life friends, but there exists a specific dynamic in their friendship that both of them have gotten accustomed to. They’re college friends who have taken on different paths. And we talked about, you know, post-college, Molly witnessed Issa being in this long relationship and this relationship that she may have aspired to, and I think, on Molly’s side, Issa has witnessed her take this journey to become this incredible lawyer. Like her career has always been in check and Issa admires her social life,” she continued. “I think they were used to that dynamic. And so, in this particular season, we’re seeing Issa pursuing a new career, a new passion and being busy and we’re seeing Molly try to flourish in this new territory and this relationship. [But] when you’ve seen one another stumble so many times, you kind of look at that friend with old eyes like ‘Okay, you’re trying to get into this relationship, but I know how you do and I can’t unsee that.’”

After Sunday night’s episode, social media was on fire with fans weighing in on who was more to blame for the blow up. Rae acknowledged “the passion on both sides” of the debate, adding, “I think Molly’s getting getting a lot of the unfair brunt of it, but I play Issa — I’m good.”

“I think I just want people to stick a step back. I do think it requires a serious re-watch, and we’re not asking you to keep tally, but I don’t think that Issa is blameless by any means,” Rae said. “I think that there has been there’s been stuff building up and whether you think that’s the time or place for Molly to confront it, people have boiling points, and I think for her, it came down to this — [reasoning as Molly] ‘You don’t respect the boundaries that I set for myself, like I told you, this was a thing. I don’t care what you think about like how I felt, but I set this specific boundary, and I go above and beyond for you, I ride or die for you all the time. And I asked you this is the one limitation I placed on our friendship and you still found a way to go behind.’ And I think on Issa’s side, it’s like ‘Bitch, this is all I have and this flimsy Cheeto of a boundary, this Cheeto door lock boundary that you put up, like I’m gonna find a way around it, because I have to succeed.’”

While trying not to reveal spoilers for the second half of the season, Rae highlighted two episodes directed by co-star Jay Ellis (who plays Lawrence on the series and stepped behind the camera for Episode 7) and Kerry Washington (who helmed Episode 9). “She came and she did her homework. She took it so seriously, and I love her for it. I think the entire cast just got better because of her. And she’s just so fun to work with,” Rae said.

“Conversely, the entire cast got worse when [Ellis] started directing,” she joked. “But he was also a natural. It was our first episode out of the country and he had a lot stacked against him, but he just seamlessly stepped into that role and in a way that’s so exciting.”

And in terms of Issa and Molly’s relationship, fans will just have to wait and see how things pan out.

“I think you can expect these individual journeys,” Rae teased. “When you’re used to being friends with someone for so long, so much of your identity gets wrapped up in that and I think that exists for relationships in general. I think both of them needs to take a step back and and kind of examine ‘how did we get here? And who am I without this person?’”

We all have had rough patches with friends when seeking personal growth. I feel some time apart will prove therapy for them both. Once they realize they need each other, they will find their way back…..if they both want it.


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