#Verzuz: Experience the Lovefest between #JillScott & #ErykahBadu and why we NEEDED it! [Full Vid]

It started….late. About 23 minutes late. We worried…but we waited…then it happened…..Magic.

It was the battle lovefest we needed to cap off a tumultuous week of loss and despair. Jill Scott & Erykah Badu united and for 2 hours, the world was right again. Let’s relive the Love…

A mutual admiration between contemporaries goes a long way. This is what we needed and can easily be seen as a blueprint for others to follow. This meeting of the minds shows that there is room for all at the table.

The stories the two shared were gifts in itself. Most never knew Jill wrote Erykah’s verse in ‘I Got You’. I didn’t. Jill thanked Erykah for giving her a shot as a new writer, artist. In this day and time, that type of admiration is NULL..almost void.

The ladies share memories, friends, musicians and producers. The vibe was kismet. After each song the other longed and lavished in the moment…both wishing they had written it….finishing each other’s verses and harmonizing. The beauty of it all proves women can be in awe of another woman’s talent in her same genre while still in her own lane.

Two mothers on Mother’s Day weekend sharing the Love after so much loss and trouble in the world is what we needed…..

We need more…


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