#RHOA NEWS: #MikeHill’s SHIRTLESS book cover ‘Open Mike’ raises eyebrows! Does #CynthiaBailey approve? [Pics]

All season 12 Cynthia Bailey’s romance with broadcaster Mike Hill has been on DISPLAY! While the two appear very much in love, the question of Mike’s past and line of ex companions have been a huge TALKING POINT for the couple and chatter for the ‘wives’.Hill penned a memoir where he addresses his past loves and much more.. entitled ‘Open Mic’, and the SHIRTLESS book cover raised a few eye brows! Hill explains:


“Tonight, with the help of my beautiful [fiancée], [Cynthia Bailey] I unveiled the cover of my soon to be released book ‘Open Mike’. There’s meaning to why I wanted ‘this’ cover. I’m stripped down because I’m unveiling my truths. I want to symbolize vulnerability and express to everyone that I no longer have anything to hide, after so many years of doing just that.”




The cover also symbolizes a new beginning for Mike, he explained. “The back is to show how far I’ve come and an expression of how thankful I have someone who has my back and along with God has me covered. My body itself signifies I’ve come along way but I still have work to do!”Interesting.Well Bailey made the back of the book art and she reposted the IG post…so CLEARLY she approves….Ain’t no harm in using some of that RHOA clout, right?



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