On The Mend! #Atlanta Radio legend #Ryan Cameron recovering from sepsis & heart valve issues! [Details]

Good news! Prayers are answered! Atlanta radio legend is on the mend as he is recovering from sepsis and heart issues!

Popular radio host Ryan Cameron called into his home station Majic 107.5/97.5 Wednesday to assure his fans that he was indeed on the mend and that he was recuperating from sepsis and heart valve surgery.

During a brief conversation on air from the hospital, Cameron told Rashan Ali, who is covering for him on the R&B radio station, that he tested negative for COVID-19.

Unfortunately, he had sepsis, a potentially life-threatening condition caused by the body’s extreme response to an infection. He said he entered the hospital a couple of weeks ago with fever and chills. “I was unconscious through Easter,” he told Ali. “Infection had taken over my entire body.”

He also explained that when he was age 30, he found out he had a congenital heart issue called mitral valve regurgitation, when your heart’s mitral valve doesn’t close tightly, allowing blood to flow backward in your heart.

It wasn’t serious, a doctor told him, but he might need surgery when he’s 60 or 70.

It happened sooner. He’s 54.

Cameron, who is normally heard afternoons on Majic, said he is feeling better but will speak more about his situation on air on Friday.

“I received every message and text,” he said. “Your boy will be back soon!”

We pray for his speedy recovery and look forward to his return to our airwaves and State Farm Arena! Go Hawks…. Ryan, you got this!


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