Mississippi barber DIES from #Covid18 after continuing to do housecalls amidst the pandemic! [Details]

During the Coronavirus pandemic, essential workers are NEEDED now more than ever! If you are not ESSENTIAL, stay home…flatten the curve!

A Mississippi barber has lost his life after continuing to work after the pandemic hit hardest.

The barber’s family says he continued to cut customers hair during the pandemic.

“Our last memory of him is getting on the ambulance. We weren’t able to say goodbye, he was alone my brother was all by himself,” said Dedra Edwards, Eugene’s sister.

“He couldn’t get up and walk to the car, not walk around the house cause he couldn’t do that anyway. At 12:22 p.m. the nurse practitioner in the ICU at St. Domenic called me and said his heart stopped and we couldn’t revive him,” expressed Dedra.

African-Americans are dying at a disproportionate rate from the Coronavirus in several states across the country, particularly in the south.

Eugene Thompson tested positive on March 22, and felt symptoms as early as March 17. However, it appeared that he was still accepting clients at his shop as well around that time, social media posts show. It also appears he was at a barber competition on March 15th.

BROOKHAVEN, Miss. (WJTV) – Eugene Thompson of Brookhaven was a father, son, brother, businessman and friend. He was known as a staple among the community from owning a barber shop to being a role model to his children and teaching aspiring barbers.

May he rest in peace…


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