Viral #HotelFlooding video backstory REVEALED! [VID]

Have you seen the wild video of a flooding hotel room and a possible perpetrator jumping from the balcony and falling on a SUV below barely missed hitting his head on the concrete? In case you did, here is the now viral vid:

The bizarre video started going viral Tuesday, and the backstory behind it has been pieced together and it is odd to say the least

According to IG user Prophetamenra who captured the wild scene on video, the trouble started flowing around 7 PM at a Studio 6 motel in Commerce, CA,just outside Los Angeles.

Prophet Amen Ra recalls fire alarms were going off,but motel staff couldn’t get into the room because it was locked. One staffer smashed a window to get inside, and once the door opened the water started pouring out.

The now infamous jumper escaped a hotel employee’s grasp,jumped over the railing to attempt to get away, and falls from the second-floor down onto a Nissan Murano that broke his fall,barely escaped hitting his head on the pavement below.

Allegedly motel staff claim the perpetrator had turned on all the faucets in the room, and also busted pipes in the ceiling — and the total damage was $10k!!! Other reports say the jumper had been smoking marijuana in the room, setting off the sprinkler system resulting in the flood.

L.A. County Fire and Sheriff’s Departments both responded. Sources say neither the car owner nor the hotel management wanted to press charges at this time, but that could change.

The owner of the damaged Nissan Murano claimsbshe does have insurance and she did get the jumper’s info, just in case.

We will follow up on this bizarre story.

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