RuPaul’s #Dragrace season 12 ‘SNATCH GAME’ SNEAK PEEK! Who’s ‘zoomin’ who? [Vid]

The time is here! The QUEENS have made it to the coveted SNATCH GAME! This the part of the season that makes ‘Men’ of Mice….or women…however…

The ladies have to STRETCH their comedic chops as well as their improv skills…. After Nicky Doll’s elimination.. Brita still bent about being in the bottom, lashes out on Aiden…again. AIDEN HAS HAD IT..and a new day is dawning…queens beware!

Also we get a peek at some of the celebs the queens will be trying to portray…

Brita is playing Jennifer Holliday, Jaida Essence Hall is playing Cardi B, Aiden is playing as Patricia Quinn (aka The Rocky Horror Picture Show‘s Magenta) and Widow Von’Du is playing as Tina Turner… and as Ike Turner.

Widow’s choice could go really well or crash and burn… I think she will knock it out the park. Jaida’s choice, I’m not sure she can pull it off..but let’s see. Brita…I think this may sink her…she thinks she is better than she is…or what has neen portrayed so far..and HOW FUNNY is JENNIFER HOLLIDAY? We shall see…
Tune in tonight on VH1!

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