#DaBrat breaks her silence! Speaks on keeping her SEXUALITY a ‘secret’ for almost 20 years! [Vid]

Da Brat recently went public with her relationship with Entrepreneur, Jesseca Dupart. For years, Brat’s sexuality has been up for debate, but the ‘Funkdafied’ rapper had never confirmed or denied any speculation or rumor….until now! Brat recently spoke on why she kept her sexuality a ‘secret’ for almost 20 years!

“I [have] always been an advocate [of] privacy, pretty much to protect the interest[s] of the other party involved, because if you’re not used to this life and the scrutiny that comes with it, it can break you. I’ve been talked about for way over 20 years or more, so my coat of armor is pretty thick. So I learn[ed] what to say and what not to say,” Da Brat said on the show.

“I never confirmed anything because you know in the ’90s it wasn’t cool. But when you get blessed and somebody love[s] you like you never been loved before, it’s like a whole different experience.”

The iconic hip hop pioneer says that she and her girlfriend are in a good place and are prepared for the haters and naysayers.

“With new levels, come new devils and they out there and coming for us, but we don’t care. We [are] strong and we can get through anything together and I’m very happy to say I have someone like BB Judy,” Da Brat said. Take a look at what she had to say on ‘The Rickey Smiley Morning Show’ that she is a part of.

This is probably the worse kept secrets in the industry, because most people…and I’m sure her inside circle all knew. It’s just good now that all speculations and rumors have been laid to rest and she can live in her truth, happy and loved!



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