#MiguelNunez ARRESTED for STEALING groceries in L.A.! [Details]

This pandemic seems to have us all off our game it seems.

Case in point, “Juwanna Mann” star Miguel A. Nunez Jr. decided to skip out without paying for hundreds of dollars of groceries this past week.

Law enforcement sources say the actor was checking out at an L.A. ‘Ralph’s’ supermarket this week when his credit card got declined, so he just took his groceries and walked right out the front door without settling up allegedly…

Sources say Miguel returned to the same Ralph’s a few days later, but he wasn’t allowed entry and cops were called.

We’re told Miguel was placed under citizen’s arrest, and when LAPD showed up, police cited him for misdemeanor shoplifting and he was sent on his way.

Police arrested Miguel but didn’t take him in. Instead they gave him a ticket and he was on his way.

During the pandemic, L.A. cops are not booking and jailing people for minor offenses. Cops still call it an arrest.

Nunez is relaying a different spin on what happened. He is saying he was in a long line to check out and because we have to stay 6-feet away from others in public now due to coronavirus and since he got tired of waiting he left with the intentions of returning another day to pay.

Miguel says he tried to pay for his $200 worth of groceries when he returned, but claims the store manager refused and told him that he wasn’t ‘special’. OUCH!

Guess those ‘Sparks’ residual checks ain’t what they used to be….

Hopefully all works out for him…


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